The Neighborhood – Season 1 Episode 8

Isn’t it strange how a “random” series of events can lead you down the strangest of paths? Do we create our own reality? If we do, each individually, create the world we experience is it possible that sometimes we might accidental stumbled down a road which leads us to the reality of someone else? At the end of this episode listeners will be encouraged to help solve a mystery that may hold the keys to unlocking another dimension.

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  1. While I’ve not had this type of experience I have had beyond my fair share of weird happen to me. Some so much so that had I not had a friend with me who also saw what I did, I would have taken myself in for a 72 hour hold. That said I am just really wanting to know if you have found out anything yet? Any leads of any kind? I know two paranormal research groups in my area of MO and will happily pass this onto them. If you have any additional information about what may have happened please let me know if you don’t mind.

    Thank you for your time,
    M. Flenner

  2. Michael Edwards-Ronning

    John, I notice that on your YouTube video of this segment, someone in the comment box below found the grave of a Paula Markson. Did you notice that, or, have you received any leads? Thank you for sharing this incredibly fascinating account!

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