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Episode 6 Teaser/Trailer

The teaser/trailer for this week’s upcoming episode of Realm of the Weird. The episode is entitled “The Tallest Stone”

The silver coin

The Silver Coin – Season 1 Episode 5

Throughout our lives we will all encounter strange and curious individuals. Sometimes the people who have just passed you by may have been people that have just passed…

Best of Detroit

Best Podcast 2011: Real Detroit Weekly

From Real Detroit Weekly: John Tenney’s Realm of the Weird, Best Podcast. A bi-weekly Internet stream filled with matters sinister, frightening and inexplicable, Tenney’s Realm is entertainingly modeled…

Episode 4 – A few comments

If you are a fan of Realm of the Weird you will have noticed that last Sunday’s episode “I’ll see you yesterday” was not posted. I have made…

How sweet the sound

How Sweet the Sound – Season 1 Episode 4

Most people, who are interested in the paranormal, have stories from their youth that they believe shaped how and why they feel the way they do about strange…

Longtime Friend

Longtime Friend – Season 1 Episode 3

Have you ever met a person that you seem “fated” to meet? Has it ever made you wonder why you take the time to become friends with some…

Under the Floor

Under the Floor – Season 1 Episode 2

What is it that makes the strange sound strange? Out of the hundreds of requests for investigations, why would someone be drawn to a case wherein the weirdest…