Of Great Influence – Season 2 Episode 4

Believe it or not this story has become stranger than it originally was. It seems that in creating this episode for Realm of the Weird I have in some odd way started what might someday become another future story for Realm of the Weird. Please stay tuned after the episode for a special message, also please pay attention to your surroundings while you are listening. I think I may have just taken everyone a little deeper into a very weird realm.

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  1. this is my first time visiting this site, and this is the first podcast of yours i listened to. i picked it over all the ones in season 2. now that this episode is over, i can only see a select few episodes in season 2.. and a few in season 1. maybe it’s your site not functioning right.. or maybe it has something to do with this episode…
    loved the show. hope i can get this fixed.

  2. Yes, this episode actually stopped playing for me after you said to stick around towards the end for a special message. I’m not sure if it is this man’s influence, but I haven’t had any problems with any other episodes. What you said at the end about the interference made it pretty chilling.

  3. Just listened to this story of the psychic and because you asked about anything perhaps happening during said story i decided i’d comment to tell you that indeed it did, this story kept stopping and/or skipping near the begining just before the girl mentions him for the first time. Strange i thought !!…… just recently found (Realm of the weird) and just wanted to tell you your storytelling techniques are brilliant and your experiences are unbeleivable ! Its fantastic to listen to i absolutely love it.

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