If you are a fan of Realm of the Weird you will have noticed that last Sunday’s episode “I’ll see you yesterday” was not posted. I have made the editorial decision to not air this episode at this time. There will be a 4th episode entitled “How sweet the sound” and it will be posted on Thursday, February 24th at Midnight. With that, I feel I should explain to you some of the reasons behind my choice to not air the originally scheduled show.

As I comb through the archives of my old cases for material that I believe will create an engaging and entertaining show I sometimes stumble across events that have slipped my mind. My case files go back over the past 20 years and although all are memorable I have reached an age where they are not all remembered. The case I chose to turn into the original episode entitled “I’ll see you yesterday” was based around the events of a meeting I had with a client who believed he was a traveler in time. The episode consisted of conversations, taken from my transcripts, that covered topics ranging from vast government secret projects, alien technology, time-travel and the very fabric of our reality. Also included in the episode were personal diary readings from the client and myself much of which dealt with the subject of mental health. The events portrayed in the episode occurred some 9 to 10 years ago. When I lost touch with the client back in 2002 he was in his mid 60′s and due to some events, not mentioned here or in the episode, I believed I would probably not ever be in contact with him again.

One day before the show aired I was contacted by the client on which the episode was based.

We had not had any communication with each other since 2002. Since his letter was a simple message hoping that I was “doing well” and that everything was “working out” for me and since there is no way at the moment for me to contact him I made the choice to shelf the episode. I do not know why he contacted me now, I can only speculate and those speculations are reality-twisting.

Thank you for your support and understanding.
Please stay tuned for Thursday’s episode “How sweet the sound”
John E.L. Tenney