Dusting off the weirdness

Well, the time has come. More episodes of Realm of the Weird are on the way. Instead of picking up where season two left off new episodes will belong to season three. The reality is very few people care about which season it is as long as they get new episodes. The first episode of season three is scheduled for October 1st. Stay Tuned, Stay Weird.

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  1. Marvellous. About time. Great episode. But then, since time is an illusion and there is only now, I look forward to listening to this bizarreness again tomorrow and last week.

  2. I am so excited to see new episodes! I had thought you had moved on to other things, and I was sorry because you have the creepiest and most thought-provoking stories I have every found. I can’t wait to hear Season 3!

  3. I just saw you at the Mich Paracon, enjoyed you lecture very much. But when you said Relm of the Weird I was so excited, I guess I never knew your name but loved loved loved the podcast and were so delighted you are the mastermind! Cannot wait for new episodes and hearing more about the elf!

  4. Looking forward to the new season!! I binged through seasons 1&2 in about 3 days this past week! Very intriguing podcast. Great job!

  5. Michael Edwards-Ronning

    I am eagerly awaiting new stories! Your episodes are spellbinding, and make me look at the world in a different way.

  6. Your dedication and objectivity are captivating and inspiring. I hope someday to hear one of your lectures or meet you in person. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  7. Steve

    New episodes any time soon? I need my fix.

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