Of Great Influence – Season 2 Episode 4

tapeBelieve it or not this story has become stranger than it originally was. It seems that in creating this episode for Realm of the Weird I have in some odd way started what might someday become another future story for Realm of the Weird. Please stay tuned after the episode for a special message, also please pay attention to your surroundings while you are listening. I think I may have just taken everyone a little deeper in a very weird realm.


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2 Responses to “Of Great Influence – Season 2 Episode 4”

  1. Haystack Says:

    I actually listened to this show twice. The first was via iTunes, and everything was fine. The second time was on your site here. The only “problem” I experienced was while listening to the show on your site here. It was very minor. I’m not even sure I’d call it weird. But, toward the end of the show, when you were giving the message, the sound started to garble a little. It didn’t happen for very long. It only lasted for about a second. Like I said, I wouldn’t call it weird, but that’s what happened to me.

  2. Malcolm Wallace Says:

    I had to listen to this episode twice here on the website. The previous two recent episodes played fine but the first time I tried to listen to this one it abruptly ended in the middle, as if the file didn’t download properly. The second time it downloaded and played through fully, however while listened that time I realized that where it had stopped downloading before was just when the original taped interview was about to begin. Tenney… if my computer breaks today I’m sending you the repair bill.

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