How He Stood – Season 2 Episode 2

When you’re troubled by dreams, and finding it difficult to sleep, is it possible that the nightmare belongs to someone other than you? The darkness of a room is illuminating when compared to the blackened recesses hidden in the human mind. Throughout our lives we encounter strange and difficult personal situations which, dependant upon our responses, can either cripple our minds or lighten our souls. If there was ever a time to make recompense for our iniquities, that time is now, even if Time and Reality are simply transient illusions.


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3 Responses to “How He Stood – Season 2 Episode 2”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Very interesting. I’ve had some strange dreams and later on found out a relating link of which I had not known about previous to the dreams. Really makes you think…. good job John!

  2. Rocky Bagans Says:

    This has happened to me. I have sleep parlysis a lot and on top of that Im an insomniac. I have dreams like this all the time. Interesting peice. Thank you for posting.

  3. Haystack Says:

    That was weird! But cool!

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