The Unliving Room – Season 2 Episode 1

The Unliving RoomWe often hear people say they have “felt” terror. Whether it be the goosebumps on your arm or an ill-feeling in your stomach the manifestations of the emotion can bring into reality physical effects. But where does the fear go when it’s no longer felt? Do the overwhelming energies of terror simply dissipate into the air or do they linger, building in size and form until they take on lives of their own? If we spend our days ignoring instead of confronting our own fears is it possible we are creating a world where there are areas infested with the waking nightmares of our creation. And in this ever shrinking world is there room enough for us and the terror we create?


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4 Responses to “The Unliving Room – Season 2 Episode 1”

  1. dementedwarlok Says:

    Awesome mind boggleing bravo

  2. DementedWarlok Says:

    question. On this episode were they hearing the sounds in the closet at night when the girl was sleeping? Is it possible she was projecting herself into a manifestation in the closet? Some sort of astrial projection that if producing the sounds in the closet?

  3. Michaellyn Ragan Says:

    This is very interesting! I’ve heard of abuse victims in some cases that can constantly relive their extremely traumatic events of abuse when they dream at night. Maybe she was astral projecting herself into a manifestation into that hidden secret closet just like what they other person just said. It is possible and plausible. I use to work as a social worker and I worked with children that were abused after I retired from what I use to do.

  4. Glenda Says:

    On the subject of pure terror: Personally, I’ve never felt anything even close to the terror of being in the presence of an evil entitiy. Even the mortal terrors–the worst you can absolutely think of–in our bio-world cannot begin to compare.

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