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Earlier in the year our site was hacked and everything  vanished into a realm of the wherever. We are still trying to find, rebuild and construct the weirdness back to where it was and where it will be.

Of Great Influence – Season 2 Episode 4

Believe it or not this story has become stranger than it originally was. It seems that in creating this episode for Realm of the Weird I have in some odd way started what might someday become another future story for Realm of the Weird. Please stay tuned after the episode for a special message, also please pay attention to your surroundings while you are listening. I think I may have just taken everyone a little deeper into a very weird realm.

A Bridge Beyond – Season 2 Episode 3

How often do you notice the small strange paths which may lead you into weird and curious locations. Even if we are able to find and follow the clues which we hope will satisfy our wonderings we must always be prepared for those answers to contain, within themselves, even larger questions. Are there persons working behind the scenes of our everyday world manipulating events for their own benefit and fortune? We should appreciate how wonderfully strange our world is to offer us glimpses of perhaps an even stranger and wider reality …which like many stories has no real ending.

How He Stood – Season 2 Episode 2

When you’re troubled by dreams, and finding it difficult to sleep, is it possible that the nightmare belongs to someone other than you? The darkness of a room is illuminating when compared to the blackened recesses hidden in the human mind. Throughout our lives we encounter strange and difficult personal situations which, dependent upon our responses, can either cripple our minds or lighten our souls. If there was ever a time to make recompense for our iniquities, that time is now, even if Time and Reality are simply transient illusions.

The Unliving Room – Season 2 Episode 1

We often hear people say they have “felt” terror. Whether it be the goosebumps on your arm or an ill-feeling in your stomach the manifestations of the emotion can bring into reality physical effects. But where does the fear go when it’s no longer felt? Do the overwhelming energies of terror simply dissipate into the air or do they linger, building in size and form until they take on lives of their own? If we spend our days ignoring instead of confronting our own fears is it possible we are creating a world where there are areas infested with the waking nightmares of our creation. And in this ever shrinking world is there room enough for us and the terror we create?

The Trade – Season 1 Episode 9

We can never be quite sure of why people will act in a certain way. We all experience loss and pain throughout the course of our existence and we all deal with those feelings in our own ways. What is the most precious thing in your life? If that thing or person were taken from you, how far would you go to get it back? Could you convince someone else to help you? If the events in this story are true, in the most bizarre of ways, then ask yourself… how many have made a trade?

The Neighborhood – Season 1 Episode 8

Isn’t it strange how a “random” series of events can lead you down the strangest of paths? Do we create our own reality? If we do, each individually, create the world we experience is it possible that sometimes we might accidental stumbled down a road which leads us to the reality of someone else? At the end of this episode listeners will be encouraged to help solve a mystery that may hold the keys to unlocking another dimension.

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